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APRIL 11 2016

Hola Familia y Amigos!
Cusco has taken a turn, and we are now entering the cold season.  Llama socks and 2 llama sweaters have become a must.
Yippee skippy another great week to be a missionary.  Last Monday, we were walking back to our house at night.  We saw a woman on the side of the road with her two little kids and a large table.  We felt that we should stop and talk to her.  We introduced ourselves, and long story short, she was kind but didnt really want anything to do with our message.  As we turned to leave, she asked us if we would pray for her.  We said of course, and as I gave her a hug to leave, she started to cry.  She broke down to us, and explained her situation. We carried her table for her, and talked with her until we got to her house.  As we went to leave, she said, Thank you for showing me that there still is a God.  Oh my heart filled with so much love for this young mom.  We truly do not know who is out there, waiting for a little miracle.  I am so grateful that there is a God. And that He is a God of little and big miracles.
We had a great lesson with Sida and her daughter.  We started talking a little bit more about her mom, and the trial that was for her.  We then asked her, if she believed that she would see her mom again.  She was quiet for a minute, and then said, I really dont know.  How grateful I was in that moment to be able to testify to her that she really will see her again. That families can, and are meant to be forever.    Also! We had a super duper lesson with Hermano Porfilio and his family.  We talked very seriously with them about their goals about marrige.  Oh the spirit was so strong.  I love seeing people talking these first little steps of faith.  
Quote of the Day, 
It is by giving it away freely, that it becomes yours.    Boyd K. Packer
It really is too true.  Love, forgiveness, patience...We need to learn to give it away freely.  We dont have to earn the love of our Father in Heaven. Neither should our brothers and sisters have to earn it from us.
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen

                                                            DIVISIONES CON HERMANA MINAYA


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