Sunday, June 26, 2016


JUNE 20 2016

A big HOLA, so all my lovely family and friends. Sorry this is going to be a short little email.  This is Presidentes last week with us!  The whole mission has been a little sad lately, with the upcoming changes, but wow how grateful we are for President and Sister Harbertson.  This next Friday, we have our last interviews with President.  Alot of mixed emotions this week!  Also we will be having special changes in a week.  This next change, there are a lot of missionaries ending their missions, but just not enough new missionaries coming in.  In our last Zone Conference, we were informed that President will have to close about 8 sectors next week.  So yeah , a whole lot of changes soon to come to the Mision Peru Cusco! We shall see what happens. 
Last Monday, Hermana Arana, Hermana Morris, and my companions traveled to Lima to do papers. So we got to be in trio! Buuuuut hermana arana and morris both got super sick, so we had ourselves a nice day of watching Meet the Mormons.  That night we were able to visit a family.  After the lesson, Hermana Morris said, " I never thought I would be able to say, Testifico de las palabras de mi companera, again with you!"  Hermana Morris was my companion in the CCM, and what a tender little mercy it was to be able to teach with her again!  So fun.  We were laughing so hard and how far we have come since our little 5 minutes lessons we could barely get out in the CCM.  Good times. 
Thursday, we were able to teach all the young women in our ward about service!  Oh my heart just loves young womens so much.  I was reminded of how much my time in young womens means to me.  
Our little Carolita has a date to be baptized! Shes darling and i love her. Ill have to explain her story in the next email.  We founda  new less active Silvana this week. For the first time in years, she let missionaries into her house. Honestly, it was a little miracle.  
Well just want to give a little HAPPY FATHERS DAY shout out!  I hope you Dads had a fabulous day yesterday.  
"And if you have not faith, hope, and charity, you can do nothing."  DC 18:19
Short, sweet and to the point.  Just share the love.  Its the best thing you can do.  
I love ya all!  Keep on Keeping on!  
Con Mucho Amor, 
Hermana Hansen



                                   THEY CALL ME THE SELFI QUEEN JUST BECAUSE I HAVE LONG ARMS...

                                                                 COMPI LOVE



Wednesday, June 15, 2016


JUNE 16 2016

God does more work then we will ever do.  Well this week was a super one.  Here is a little wrap up of the life of a missionary in Puno Peru.  We are finding, finding, finding!  I have seen this soooo many times in my mission, but I am still amazed everytime.  I dont know how God does it, but He just does.  If we do our part, if we work, and sincerely do everything we can, He will provide.  Sometimes not in the way we had planned, or expected, but He just does it.  And I simply love that so much. We found some amazingly prepared people this week.  At the end of one of the days, I sat there and reflected about the day.  We were able to find so many people and have so much success. I started to wonder why. What we do as missionaries is such a small part. Every day I realize more and more how little I am actually doing, and how much our Father in Heaven does.  I love Him so much. And I am so grateful that as inadequate as I am, He is still able to do miracles and use me to help His children.  
This week we taught Betty, a new less active we had found.  When she answered the door, she was really suprised.  She hadnt thought we were serious when we said that we would be returning to visit her. (Really though, believe the missionaries.  We really mean it when it when we say we will be passing by to get you ready to go to church at 7 in the morning.  haha yeah another funny story for another day.)  Anywhosies, she let us in and then started to explain to us that she really wasnt ready to come back to church.  A lot of things had happened in her life, and she needs time to put everything back together.  She then told us that we should just leave because it would be a waste of our time.  Oh how my heart just shattered.  In that moment the spirit truly testified to me what our purpose was as missionaries.  In that moment, more then ever, I could clearly understand that we as missionaries are not here for numbers.  We are here for people.  We are here to invite people to come unto Christ, and love those people as Christ would.  I explained to her that she wouldnt be a waste of time to our Savior, nor a waste of time to us.  Truly the worth of EVERY soul is great.  Every person, every smile, every kind word....its worth your time. Every second.  

Well in other less important news, we woke up to a very happy Peru.  Peru beat Brazil last night in soccer! I literally still know nothing about soccer but hey....VIVA PERU!  Also, I have learned that it is nearly impossible to visit people with all this soccer/world cup stuff going on.  "Hermanas, how are we going to have a family home evening! Peru is playing!"  hahaha Cracks me up.  Esta bien.  Also this week we went to a birthday party, and the hermana prepared Cusco food. And I cried a little bit. I love Puno. But I love my Cusco.  Last random fact.  I now use 100 spf suncreen here. I honestly didnt know that exsisted .But, for all of you, yes it does exsist.  

Mormon 9:15  "ANd now, O all ye that have imagined up unto yourselves a god who can do no miracles, I would ask of you, have all these things passed, of which I have spoken? Has the end come yet, Behold I say unto you Nay, and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles."

I know I talk an awful lot about miracles, so sorry, but I cant tell you all enough how true it is.  As missionaries, we dont hear alot about what happens at home. But sometimes members or other people tell us a little bit about whats going on.  I dont know alot.  I am only 20 years old. And I dont know alot of what is happening outside of my little Puno. But I believe in a God of miracles. And you should too. 
I love you all very much, thank you for everything! Have a great week!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen


JUNE 6 2016

Hey Hey Hey!  Well I am just the happiest/coldest little (well not so little) peruvian missionary there ever was.  Soooo much to tell you all, but yeah Ill give it my best.
First off, I LOVE PUNO! Chuno, chullos, and mototaxis is a pretty good way to sum up this little part of the world. But it is so incredibly beautiful here. With is also incredibly cold here. I honestly have not warmed up since I walked off the bus.  That just means ill be adding to my collection of llama sweaters.  Our sector is all hills. Let me rephrase that. Our sector is nothing BUT hills.  Straight up verticle. Also there is ZERO air here.  Its taken my lungs some time to get used to the altitude.  But nothing a little hierbal tea cant fix! (i honestly dont know what they give me when they give me these teas...but they seem to work.  They know more then I do!)  So yeah! The first few days were me trying to keep up with my companion....and trying not to pass out.  A little pathetic haha but yeah I am feeling really good now!  At the top of our sector, you can see all of Puno, Lake Titicaca, and Boliva...haha have a told you guys how blessed I am to be serving in the most beautiful part of the world? Yeah probably a few times :)  
The name of my sector is Manco Capac, in the Zone Bellavista.  We didnt go to church this Sunday, for elections, but it sounds like we have a great little ward.  There is a lot of work to do here, and Im excited to get started.  My new companion is Hermana Martinez from Bolivia, and she is just the cutest, humblest, sweetest little thing. She speaks quechwa, so she has been teaching me quechwa this week!  Also she likes to braid my hair, in other words, I am just too blessed.  She just finished her training, so shes new and ready to work!  We have a lot of plans, and I can already tell we are going to see amazing things happen here!
This week, all the missionaries in Puno did a service project for the city of Puno.  It was really great to see some people I havent seen in a long time! The people from the news where they filming us, and I guess in the night we were on the news. Our pension told us that I had myself a little highlight moment, of me sweeping in the plaza de armas of Puno.  Hay esta, my minute of fame.  Puno Famous. 
Alma 13:24
"For behold, angles are declaring it unto many at this time in our land, and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to recieve his word at the time of his coming to his glory"

I know this to be true with all of my heart.  I have seen it so many times.  This week, we have been looking for new people.  And just within these few days, I have seen God putting prepared people in our path.  We just have to find them.  
Well, I have you all have a nice and warm week!  Love you all!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen



                                     SERVIÇO  CON HERMANA MARTINEZ--NEW COMPANION