Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 7, 2015 Hola To All This Fine December Day

Hola To All this fine December Day!

So ya know, I thought the weather in Idaho was bipolar...Peru wins by a long shot.  This week we had some serious down pours.  Had to break out the rain boots and all!  When it rains here, within 10 minutes, the streets turn into rivers. Its pretty outstanding. Makes for some fun adventures :)

This week we had divisions with the Hermana Leaders.  I went with Hermana Paez in Vista Alegre.  I love divisions so much! I love having the opportunity to learn from other Hermanas. We had a really awesome lesson with one of our recent converts Ader and Jeny.  They are such an awesome little family.  They were baptized just under a year ago, and have seriously progressed so much!  They have had plans to finally go to the temple in January, but they have been really worried about money.  The other week, they told us that they werent sure if they were going to be able to go.  Seriously heart broken, but we told them to find the faith and trust in the Lord. Their Heavenly Father wants them to go to the temple even more then they do!  Anywho, so we had the Johnsons, (the family history missionaries here in Cusco)  do a family history lesson with Ader and Jeny to do their family history online.  By the end of the night, Ader had his grandparents information ready to go to the temple. Ah how crazy cool is that!  They were so excited! Ader told us, without a doubt we are going to go to the temple in January, no matter what.  My grandparents are waiting for me to do their work! Ah seriously such a special moment. I love the temple, and the knowlege we have that we can be families forever.  This work is so special.  

Hope you all had the opportunity to watch or listen to the Christmas Devotional!! This time of year is seriously the best. And I might add, even better on the mission.  Hope we can all remember really why we are celebrating! Our Savior Jesus Christ.
The other day during personal study, I really took the time to ponder these last 5 months.... (5 MONTHS!! BLEEHHHH)  I thought about the hard times the good times, the funny times, and the sad times.  And I tried to think of a phrase that summed up what I have learned thus far....Be Obedient and Pray Your Face Off.
Yeah thats about it haha.  Ive learned that its when we are obedient is when we see the blessings.  Our purpose in this life is to become more like our Savior, and when we are obedient, we are walking in His footstepts.  Ive also never prayed so much in my entire life.  But its the only way to do this work.  To be in communication with our Father in Heaven.

Scripture of the Week:
Alma 27:18
"A humble seeker of happiness..."

Well I really do love you all! Have a fantastic week! 
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen

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