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November 9  2015

A big HOLA to ALL!
Phew...Its really been a week? La verdad what a crazy week full of all
sorts of new and exciting things. Entonces...drumroll..... Here I am in
beautiful San Jeronimo, Cusco. Not going to lie, its been quite a change
for me. Going from tranquilo Tamburco to the hussle and bussle of CUSCO!
But oh man I cant get over how fun this place is. Saying goodbye to
everyone was hard, but I am ready to discover what lies ahead. So our
sector is gigante. There used to be 3 sectors here, but they closed two of
them. So we for sure have our work cut out for us here. Right now we are
working with 6 carpetas de area (I really am not sure what that is in
english) so lots of work to be done, and lots of Gods children to find! My
companion is Hermana Celan from Argentina!! And yahoooo shes a fun one!
haha She was actually in my group in the CCM, so we both just finished our
training. She really is too cute. Full of sass and ready to work. Perfect.
Shes really working on me with that Argentinian accent. I think its
working. Shes been so patient, and so willing to help me with my Spanish.
am actually doing a lot better then I thought I would with the language.
The gift of tounges is real people! So our sector is where the Mission
is, and our barrio is the barrio where Presidente Harbertson attenends.
Chévere :) I went from a little rama of about 70 to a barrio of about 300.
Sunday was a little overwhelming, but wow what amazing members we here
Cusco. Rainy season is upon us here in Peru. Time to break out the rain
boots....yeah right more like our safety rafts.
Thank you all for you love and prayers this week! I could feel them all!
Hope you all have an amazing week! So grateful to be apart of the work of
salvation.Con Amor,Hermana Hansen

                                                              Saying Chow
                                           Heading out to my new area-Cusco!!!

                                                Saying Good bye to our sweet Nataly

                                         MY NEW COMPANION  HERMAN CELAN!

                                                                        Beautiful Cusco


                                                                     NOVEMBER 2 2015


Hello Everyone!

Well...This morning has been a little emotional and overwhelming. Today is cambios, and lets just say you really cant expect anything on the mission.  Tomorrow I will be leaving for Intirymi in Cusco.  I really was expecting to have more time in my first area.  I have grown to love these people so much in these last 3 months.  And really it breaks my heart knowing that I have to say goodbye today to the people who have really become my family.  Your first area is always special, and I know there was a reason I was called here.  But now its time to trust in the Lords plan, have a little faith, and go.  I find a lot of comfort in knowing that these changes are inspired.  

Anywho...this week was amazing! This Friday was Natalys baptism!!  Ah talk about a perfect day.  She looked so beautiful with the BIGGEST smile on her face.  This was one of the most profound moments of my life where I sincerely felt Gods love for someone.  Nataly is a very special girl.  And Im so grateful for the opportunity ive had to teach her during my time here.

Sorry this email is a little short and crazy, but hey! Got to roll with the unexpected, and I got to go get packing!  I am so grateful for a loving, and all knowing Father in Heaven. And I am SOOOOO grateful for the time I have had here in Abancay.  I love this place, I love these members, and I LOVE the people here.   We just need to trust in his plan and in his will.  Time to SIGUIR ADELANTE!  I love you all, and hope you all had a super fun and exciting Halloween! Gracias por todo!
Con Amor
Hermana Hansen
                                                                 NATALY GOT BAPTIZED!!!



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