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November 16  2015

Hello to all!
Another week in the City in the Sky!
So yeah its true there just is not air here.  We went running the other morning for exercises, and literally almost passed out.  I like to blame it on the lack of oxygen here...but there might be some other factors in there...pero no importa :)
So in our mission, there is a huge focus in finding menos activos.  In our last conference, President Harbertson said our efforts should be 50% menos activos and 50% investigators and conversos recientes.  I actually really love working with menos activos.  Trying to rekindle that fire that we know is in there.  We having been doing something that is actually really neat.  In our first lesson with a menos activo, our first question is, Do you remember your missionaries?  Without fail, their whole contenence changes.  Its amazing to see the change that happens to these people who have become cold, when they start talking about their missionaries that baptized them.  It doesnt matter, 5 years, or 25 years, every single one can tell us the names of their missionaries, where they were from, something funny they did, or a really powerful lesson that they taught.  And immediatetly that same spirit that they felt with the missionaries that introduced the gospel to them, returns to their hearts. 
Also in our mission there is a HUGE focus on having the latinos learn English. There was a conference with all the mission presidents in South America with President Uchtdorf.  He said,  There are 3 things they need to learn on their mission.  English, English, and English.  So Hermana Celan and I have been really working on that, and in turn its really pushed my Spanish.  But oh man she is so awesome!  We are probably having a little too much fun together.   Right now her favorite phrases are,  Do you want to fight?  Dont tell me what to do, and My companion is ugly.....who is teaching her english??? haha Yeah maybe we should just stick with the book. 
Other than that just another normal week of work work work, and rain rain rain!!  Still trying to learn our ginormous sector, and our ginormous ward, but poco a poco.  
This weeks scripture:
Mosiah 4:9 10
"...And if you believe all these things see that ye do them."
Remember to walk what we talk! Share what we know, and most importantly, LIVE what we know!  
Hope you all have a fantasmal week this week!
Tupanachis kama!!   (kechwa for see you later!)
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen

                                So this picture pretty much sums up the week...



Not a very good pic but I had to sneak a picture of our darling little people...

 How we feel when we have to do practice  zone conference----ask a missionary what that is....
                                                               they know I promise!

                         Our little Manases and our new CTR rings. He LOVED it ha ha too fun!

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