Friday, August 26, 2016



This was just one of those weeks where I said, "Is all of this really happening?"  I wish I could tell  you all in details all of the amazing things that happened to us this week, but I will just let you all was one of those weeks. :)
For Firsts.....Cha cha cha CHANGES! Welp, My time with Hermana Lozano has come to an end.  At the end of the change, we started saying, this all just seems all too perfect....we must have changes coming up haha.  I am SOOOO grateful for the time I had with Hermana Lozano, honestly, it was such a tender mercy.  But I am also grateful for new chances to learn and grow.  :)  Father in Heavens plan is SOOOO much better then ours.  Im glad Father in Heaven is in charge and not life simply would not be what it would be.  
This week we found a little miracle family, Marina, Synthia, and Anthony.  Marina is a single mom, and she and Synthia are both members.  A couple weeks ago, Synthia came to church.  Found us, and told us she wanted to come back to church.  That week we went and found and taught them.  Very few times in my mission have a found a family so prepared for THIS moment.  Thursday, we had an appointment with them.  We had planned to teach the Plan of Salvation as normal, but as we entered in, we both felt that we needed to change the focus a little. As the lesson went on, we began to testify of the joy we feel when we repent.  The whole attitude of the lesson changed.  Hna Marina completely broke down to us.  She expressed her desire to just feel free from everything that has happened in her life.  Never in my life have I felt so happy to be able to testify of the power of the atonement.  Honestly it was incredible.  It was amazing to be sitting in a lesson, and see the process of repentance working in that very moment.  Its so real. I know it is. 
She came to church this Sunday for the first time in YEARS.  Before my mission I didnt realize how big of a deal it was for these people to find the courage to come back to church.  But it takes alot of courage.  I was so stinkin proud of her.  Repenting with faith means action.  It makes my heart swell with so much joy to see how the atonement works when we exercise our faith.  
Well I still have a million and one things to tell you all. But you already know how it is. 

1 Nephi 11:22-23
"...knowest thou the meaning of the tree which thy father saw? And I answered him, saying, Yea, it is the love of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men, wherefore, is it the most desirable above all things...yea, the most desirable above all things...and the most joyous to the soul."

The greatest act of love from the Father, was sending His son, to atone for every one of us.  The atonement is the most joyous to the soul.  
I love my Savior.  I love that through Him, we can start again...every single day.  That because of His sacrifice, He can take away our pain and guilt.  I know the Book of Mormon is true, because every page testifies that there is a Savior, a Redeemer.  I love being a missionary.  
Have the best week every :)
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen


                                                                     SISTER LOZANO AND ME

                                                                AN OBJECT LESSON PERHAPS??????

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