Saturday, May 7, 2016


APRI; 25 2016 Hey Everyone! Sorry this is going to be a little short, but the sun decided to come out for the first time in a while, and so we are going to make the most of our sunny P Day in Cusco! This week was amazing. Sometimes I don't feel like I deserve the blessings I am receiving. We had our second lesson with Wendy!! She is the jovencita that came to the church looking for the missionaries to teach her. We were talking about our Father in Heaven, and how we are literally His sons and daughters, while we were talking she let out a little gasp and said, wow....this feels so good. It feels too good to hear that!! Ugh I can't tell you how much I love being a missionary. I love seeing the spirit touch the hearts of His children. Its a beautiful thing to witness people come to know their Father in Heaven. We invited Beto, the husband of Zayda, to baptism this week. He said of course! And then asked if we could visit his family more times during the week. They all came to church this Sunday. I love that family so much! ALSO! Craziest thing. We were teaching these two women when I first got here, Vilma and Marleni. They were way awesome . But then they moved to Quillabamban. Hermana Celan and I were super bummed. Any who , I walk out of Principios de Evangelio, and who do I find waiting outside....Vilma and Marleni! What!!! I honestly couldn't believe it! After all this time, and they just showed up at church like nothing had happened. Happy Happy Days!! Anywhosies I hope you are all doing fantastic! I love being a missionary, and I love the people I get to serve. Thank you all for everything! Con Amor, Hermana Hansen

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