Tuesday, August 2, 2016


JULY 18 2016

Muy Buenos Tardes!
Bueno. Just too many wonderful things happened this week. I wish all of you could see all the amazing things I see everyday.  Anywho, last Friday we had divisiones with the hermanas from Vista Alegre in Cusco.  I was with Hermana Baker, who was here just before I came in. So she already knew the sector.  It was perfect because she could show me a few homes and families.  We went to visit a family at 7, but when we got up there, they were not there.  We decided to look for a few less actives that lived waaaay up there in those Abancay hills.  She started naming off some people, and we both felt that we should visit a less active named Margely.  We knocked on her door and no one was there. A little disapointed we turned around to head back, and there was a cute little 5 year old girl standing behind us.  I really dont know where she came from, but she told us that the women doesn't live there anymore, and explained that she had moved across the street.  We talked to her for a sec, and thanked her for her help.  Hermana Baker and I walked away and said, wow what a blessing that that little girl was there to tell us that! Anywho we crossed the street and knocked on the door, the door we thought was where she had moved to.  Again, no one was there.  We turned around to leave, and once again out of no where the little girl was standing behind us. She said, No its two more houses down!  At this point, we were a little curious to who this girl was and where she had kept coming from.  Sure enough, we went a little farther down, knocked on the door and found Margely.  We turned around to thank the little girl, and just like that, she was gone.  In that moment  we realized that God had sent us a little angel that night. Im not sure how else we would have found the house.   We were able to find Margely and her kids and teach them.  After the lesson Margely asked us, how did you find me? I had moved houses quite some time ago, and I was worried because I wasnt sure how you were going to be able to find me. Angels in disguise. 

The same day, my companion was with another hermana, in another part of our sector. Earlier that week, Hermana Lozano and I had contacted a taxista, Martin,  and after we got out of the car, we really felt like we needed to follow up with that contact as soon as possible.  Hermana Lozano went Friday to go look for Martin.  They knocked on the door, and his wife answered.  She was a little suspicious at first, but eventually let them in. His wife explained that she was so surprised that they were there.  The day we contacted Martin, he went home and told his wife, "Today, two young girls rode in my taxi...and said they wanted to come visit me and my family. I think they are going to come visit us."  His wife just laughed at him, because she said he NEVER accepts or listens to anyone when it comes to religion.  She said, yeah right you know you wont listen to them. She was so surprised that he accepted that we come visit them, and that we actually came to visit them.  Martin wasnt there, but his wife was so happy and excited that they were there. Next week we will visit them again.  

Honestly, its just incredible.  We are just obedient, doing a small part, and God works the miracles.  In other wonderful news, Sandra is amazing and is getting baptized the 30th.  I love her.  She has had a very beautiful conversion, and her change is evident. She just radiates now.  I cannot tell you all about all the wonderful people we found this week.  God is preparing the hearts here in Abancaycito.  This next week we will be in Cusco all week, for divisions and concilio.  Crazy crazy crazy is my life! But I dont want it any other way!
I love you all very very much. Thank you for your prayers, and words of support. Hope you all have a super fun summery week!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen

                                                              P-DAY BACK IN CUSCO


                                                OUT TO EAT WITH OUR PENSION

                                        HA HA HA...7-11 ALMOST!.  I LOVE PERU SO MUCH

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