Sunday, October 23, 2016


OCTOBER 3 2016

Well. I hope you all just loved General Conference as much as I did.  Also, did you all catch that Peru Cusco Mission shout out? Eh?  Cool stuff.
Not going to lie, I left my notebook with all the wonderful things I learned from General Conference at home, and I cant upload any pictues...asi que....this email is going to be a little lame.  Just know that it was another wonderul week in the life of Hermana Hansen.
Tuesday we traveled to Cusco to do divisiones with Hermana Baker and Hermana Ruiz.  Oh how I love my Cusco...altitude sickness and blue skies.  
This week we were teaching Emily about prophets, and that this weekend we would be able to listen to him speak.  She came to the Sunday morning session with us.  When President Monson got up to speak, we told her that he was the prophet.  Her eyes got really big....and she whispered..."Oh!  There really IS a prophet!" haha yup.  And how grateful I am to really say, Yes. there is a prophet.  :)  
I hope everyone got a little flame burning inside of them to do some missionary work after General Conference!  We are here to have JOY!  How do we find joy? Through our Savior.  So share the joy you have with those around you.  There are people waiting for you to invite them to learn more about their Savior.  
I love you all very very much.  Make this week the best one ever. 
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen

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