Wednesday, October 26, 2016


OCTOBER 24 2016

Muy Buenas Tardes!  
I hope everyone had a lovely fun-filled week!
Fun Fact.  Its wawa tanta season!  In other words they are selling these delicious little breads on every street corner!  Im not proud to admitt how many I have consumed this week, but just know it was a good amount.  
This week we had divisiones with Tamburco.  I love being able to be in my first sector!  Walking the same death hills,  seeing members and people we were teaching, it really is such a blessing!  We went and visited a family that the hermanas are teaching, Faustina y Leonicio.  When I say we had to hike a mountain to get to their house, I really mean....we literally hiked a straight up mountain to find this family.  I didnt even know people lived way up there. But hey we made it.  We got there, and the mom explained that they really didnt have any time because they were harvesting potatoes.  The typical Idaho girl in me got all excited and said we would love to help them for a little bit.  So after the lesson, we went out, skirt and all, to go help them harvest their potatoes.  We went up and offered this cute little 70 year old panay that she could rest for a little while and that we would keep working. She looked me up and down and finally said, "Well, you have to be strong to do this type of work..."  Yup. Totally roasted by a 70 year old panay.  But shes right.  She was like 4 foot 5 and still stronger then me. But she was kind enough to let me help her for a little while.  I love these people so much. 

This week we met Norma and her daughter Marina.  Marina is about 23 years old with a little baby boy. Last week she came to church.  She explained to us that her aunt in Lima is a member of our church, and knew that we could help her.  She didnt tell us much more, but explained that she was very sick, and didnt know what else to do.  Later that night we went to visit her and her family, and we found her mother Norma.  She was so happy to see us.  We sat down and Norma began to explain everything.  Her daughter Marina had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and that after the church meetings, had traveled to Lima to recieve more treatments and tests.  Norma was completely broken inside, but I was amazed by the amount of faith and strenght that she demonstrated.  She said that her daughter had told her that we could help her, and went off to look for us that morning.  It broke my heart to see a mother so desperate, and so scared for her daughter.  But I know the faith of this family, the faith to act and look to God we bless them forever.  

I read a talk this week, that had the question, "Does the Lord trust us to be an answer to someones prayer?"  I have thought about that alot.  My mom shared with me a quote from President Monson that I loved. "The sweetest experience I know in life is to feel a prompting  and act upon it and later find out that it was the fulfillment of someone's prayer or someone's need."
I testify that there really is nothing better.  I know Im not perfect, and I still make mistakes every day.  But I hope to live in a way that the Lord can always trust me to act upon the impressions that He gives me to help someone in need.  
Have the splendid week everyone!  
Con Amor,
Hermana Hansen

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