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September 12 2016

Today my mom sent me an email with this title.  Gave me a good laugh. You dont know how many people I can talk to just because I can talk about potatoes hahaha.  Thanks Dad. 

We spent the majority of this week in Cusco for our Consejo de Lideres. Monday, we had a big pday with all the elders and hermanas, with Presidente Herrera.  We all played soccer and ate some good ol pollo con papas. Tuesday was Consejo!  Such a full day of good training!  We can see that there are changes coming to the Peru Cusco Mission.  It has been an interesting experience for me during my mission to see how our Father in Heaven has started preparing the hearts of the people here in this part of Peru.  I feel like they have been in a stage of preparation, and now, they are ready to accept the restored gospel.  I feel very blessed to be apart of the work in such a special part of the world.  
Well, Wednesday, we traveled back to Abancay.  Buuuuuttt through a few (or not so few) unfortunate events, it wasnt quite as tranquila like it usuallyis.  Long story short, we were left literally running behind the only bus that leaves to Abancay, with all our luggage in our hands, begging for it to stop.  Pero bueno, they left us stranded.  After many hours of looking all over Cusco for someone to take us to Abancay, we finally met a nice little traxi driver who was willing to make the trip.  The trip to Abancay is pretty dangerous, especially at night, so we were sooo grateful that we found someone to take us.  After a long night, we finally made it home!  
Marina, Synthia, and Anthony are wonderful.  Anthony is going to be baptized the 24 of September!  The conversion process of this family has truly been incredible.  Honestly,  I just cant tell you all much more.  Simply put, I am just really happy, and I just really love what I am a part of.  
The other day, we were talking with our pension about a little family is the rama.  She is a single mom with 7 kids, living in a very difficult situation.  We have been trying to see what we can do for her and for her kids.  The other day, the oldest daughter Ruth (12 years old)  was over visiting our pension.  Somehow they got on the topic of pizza, and very quitely Ruth says, "I have never had pizza before..."  
I really started thinking about that, and I was so suprised. I cant every begin to count how many times I have eaten pizza in my life.  Its something so ordinary, something so normal.  We talked about that and compared it to hearing the gospel for the first time.  Sometimes for us, who have grown up with the gospel, its something so ordinary.  We dont realize that for someone, it could be the most delicious thing they have ever taken part of.  That is something I have seen a lot of in my mission. I truly did not realize all that I had.  Having the gospel was something so "ordinary" for me.  In my mission, I have had the oportunity to know people, who have never even heard of the "mormons"  or La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. And for the first time, they get to take part of the joy we find through our Savior Jesus Christ.  
I love you all very very much.  Have a fantastic week! :)
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen

                                                               TRAINING WITH THE PRESIDENT 

                                     SAYING GOODBYE TO MY COMPI HERMANA LOZANO

                                HEADED BACK TO ABANCAY IN OUR LITTLE TAXI..
                                           GETTING OUT BARF BAGS READY :)

                                                                    GUINIE PIGS



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