Sunday, October 23, 2016


OCTOBER 17 2016

Hello Everyone! Im sorry Im just really slacking in the writing deparment these days.  Today, we all went as a zone to the deepest canyon in South America...Just one of those cool things you get to do when you serve a mission in Cusco Peru :) So I've got like zero time.  But no worries, it was another week of traveling!
Heres my top 5 for the week. 

1.  I ate Subway for the first time a really long time. Without lettuce of course but hey. It was Subway. And it was delicious. 

2.  Consejo de Lideres was amazing.  Lots of changes are happening here in the Mision Peru Cusco.  Its so beautiful for me to see the worth hastening in this part of the world.  

3.  Rainy rainy rainy season has begun....which also means its mango season.  A mango a day makes it a good day. 

4.  This week I had a heart to heart with a missionary who is just starting her mission.  I couldn't help but just cry with her because its so easy for me to relate to her.  I was so grateful for the chance I had to share what I learned from my experiences at the beginning of my mission.  Never have I grown so close to my Savior, as when I started my mission.  

5.  We contacted a little panay this week. She was so darling.  We had a nice little chat in some broken spanish/quechua.  Then she put the little picture of Jesus Christ we gave her in her little bowler hat for all to see.  All love these people and their sincere desire to love Jesus Christ.  Its something that comes so naturally to them.  

Sorry again for this somewhat lame email.  Let it be known that it doesnt reflect how much I loved this week and how much a love being a missionary. Because its much much more. :) Have a fantastic week!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen

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