Friday, November 27, 2015


A Big Hello from Sunny Albancay!!!
Hello everyone!! Wow another crazy, jam packed week.  I cant believe I am even here writing again. These weeks are going by so fast! Just gotta make the most of every happy, sad, painful, and exciting moment this mission has to offer.

This week, President came to Albancay and we had a conference. Oh it was so amazing.  I cant tell you enough how inspired our leaders our! We were able to have interviews with him and Hermana Harbertson.  It was so great,  I needed a good motivational talk!  
Again, this week we found a ton of new investigators.  Its hard to see progress right now because almost all of our lessons were just our first lesson with them, but I can see that so many are ready and prepared to progress!  Its kind of slow, but Im really excited to watch these people grow.  Ok funny story.  One of our investigators is 84 year old Rosa. She is the teeniest tinest cutest little legit Peruvian woman.  She goes to church every sunday, and has for years. Then this week someone told us she was never baptized....What??? Shes been attending this church for how long and shes not even a member?! We had our lesson with her, and she just kept telling us that she wanted to be baptized next week. I literally died 100 times during that lesson. Too much cuteness and tenderness for me.  But yes we promised her that we would get her ready so she could finally be baptized as soon as possible...also because at her age...we really cant risk it....soo....yeah we are going to try to do that as soon as we can. haha too funny.  
This week was truly full of some of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  We had an awesome lesson with one of our less actives, about the Restoration.  She and her husband bore their testimonies for the first time in a long time. So powerful.  Only to find her the next day making choices that will only bring her more saddness and sorrow.  My heart was so broken, but I know with the Lords help, and timing, she will be able to find that happiness that she wants.  I am so greatful for the little tender mercies that I witness every day!  Open your eyes and I promise you will find them in every moment!  Our Father is so mindful of every aspect of our lives.  I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! Thank you for your never ending love and support!
Con Amor
Hermana Hansen

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