Thursday, November 5, 2015


JULY 29  2015

Hola Everyone!!
Happy dia de independecia de Peru!!  These Peruvians know how to eat when it comes to holidays. We were for sure spoiled for lunch.  Like im not sure if I can go back to American food after that.  Anywhoo this week was just a blur. 
First off, sundays in the CCM are the best.  Just a spiritual high all day long.  AND we got to watch 17 Miracles and Meet the Mormons!! Best sunday evvaaa!! Last saturday we got a little taste of the mission field world.  All I know is that the spanish I heard outside the CCM, and the spanish I am learning in the CCM are not the same...But ya know its all good.  Our district went to the Lima East mission, Chiclacyo.  It was Hermana Morris, me, a lima east missionary, two latina missionaries, and a really it was a small gang of missionaries.  When we knocked on a door, the rest of us would hide on the sides of the house until they let us in.  Then we bamboozled them with all of us haha. Kinda funny.  The first door we knocked on was a little Peruvian grandma (my corazon just cant handle them. too cute.) who was less active.  She looked like she had been crying and just sad.  We asked her how her day was and she just started to cry.  She then continued to tell us about her daughter who just passed away about 3 months ago, leaving behind a small family that was now living with her.  My heart literally shattered.  I sat there and listened to her story and how much pain she was feeling.  I wanted more  then anything to have her feel peace and comfort.  It was so frusterating not being able to talk and tell her my testimony of eternal families the way I wanted to.  But I mustered up what little spanish I could and
bore a little testimoney of what I knew.  I have a testimony of the power of the holy ghost.  If we try, exercise a little faith, and open our mouths,the spirit will be there. 
Thank you all again for you love and suppport! I feel it all the way over here in Peru.  I love you all, and I love being a missionary.  Have a fantastic week!
Love, Hermana Hansen
Fun Facts: I have been singing Christmas music all week. I love Christmas!
Craving of the week: Captain Crunch
                                                  BEAUTIFUL LIMA TEMPLE


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