Saturday, November 28, 2015


Buenos Dias Familia y Amigos!!!

Another week of work work work!  Last Monday we had divisiones with the Hermana Leaders.  I went with Hermana Tango and worked in the sector of Intimpas.  Hermana Tango is loooo maximooooo!! I was super scared at first, because it was going to be my first day with a Latina companion, but by the end of the day, I was spitting out spanish como una peruana pe! haha not really but she said my spanish was really good for where I am at.  Sometimes it just hard to see progress in yourself, and its always hard to not get down on yourself about your Spanish when you live in South America...but poco a poco! Also While Hermana Frame was at our house, she fixed our shower!! YAHOOO!! Haha turns out it just needed to be cleaned out a little bit...hahaha we died when we found out that that is all it was.  Now when we do have water, we can have a full pressure ice cold shower! Its the little things :)

This week was Hermana Coopers birthday! Woop woop.  The Hermana Leaders came over and surprised her with the good ol "Peruvian Happy Birthday!" Which consists of smashing eggs on your head and throwing flour at you.  Nothing says, "Hey congrats on making it another year of life!" then having some eggs smashed on you. haha I cant get over how much I love Peru.  

This Friday we are going to have the baptism for our sweet sweet Rosa! Before her interview, she bore her testimony to us. It was one of the specialest of all special moments ever.  Im starting to find out that I am learning more from our investigators then they are from me.  We asked Rosa who she would like to baptize her...then with the biggest smile on her face....she turned to Hermana Cooper and I, and asked us to baptize her! Hmmm... we may have to run over the lesson about sacerdocio one more time.  But I was honored :) 

We had an awesome lesson with one of our AWESOME investigators Natalie.  This week we talked to her and her brothers about what are some of their long term goals.  Each one of them mentioned something about having a strong, happy family.  They are all so sincere, and truly just want learn and grow closer to their Father in Heaven.  

Some days, we literally walk up mountains all day.  Some days we have to let go of investigators who we have grown to love so much because they have the same agency that we all do.  Some days every single cita falls through, and people shut us out. But Ive never loved anything more in my life.  Its for those few small moments when people realize that they have a loving Father in Heaven, and a Savior who made it possible to return to live with him again.  Those moments make blister on my feet worth it.  
Have a fantasmal week everyone!  
Con Amor,
Hermana Hanse

                   meet the zone! Seriously we have THE BEST ZONE EVER! super sad, our zone
                   leader died this weeked (dont freak out dont freak out, its missionary
                   languague for he went home. alive.)  Elder Sanchez. Seriously the funniest Elder ever. 

Hey I found a parrot! #Peruischill

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