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JULY 22 2015

Anyone name that song?! The thing about never hearing music anymore is that the randomest weirdest songs pop into my head now.  Funny stuff sometimes.  Anywho, another week come and gone!  And now I have made it to my half way mark in the CCM!! Time is such a weird concept here.  It feels like a lifetime ago that I wasnt a missionary, but at the same time I just got here! I think I say that in every email but I just cant get over it. 
This week we had TRC.  For all that dont know what that is, TRC is when we teach a pretend investigator, usually a volunteer from somewhere.  This is different from our other lessons because they are brand new faces and we dont recieve background information about them before hand.  So like a tracting experince.  It went really well! Im starting to be able to just talk with the investigators instead of recite memorized scentences.  Hna Morris and I teach really well together.  Seriously the luckest Hermana ever!   Speaking of tracting, we go proselyting this saturday with Lima East/South missionaires this saturday!! WHHAAT! Way nervous. way excited.  Its time to put my wittle baby bit of spanish to the test. 
We went to the temple for the last time time. (sad crying face)  I serioulsy LOVE going to the temple.  Its going to be closed for the next little while so I dont think i will have the chance to go again before I leave. Kinda a bummer, but today was beautiful.  I remember thinking that the cutest thing in the entire world was seeing the cute little grandmas in the temple. I was wrong. The CUTEST thing in the entire world is seeing cute little PERUVIAN grandmas in the temple.  Like I die every time.  I just want to hug all of them.  I sat by one today in the temple.  Half way through the session, I look over and she is passed out, head back, and snoring SO loud.  All of the missionaries were trying so hard not to laugh. But honestly it was really loud. I loved it.  On Pdays we get to walk around Lima and shop around.  We were talking about how "MIssion Field Sick" we get every time we get out of the CCM. But its all good. 3 more weeks :)  This week we had an awesome lesson with our mock investigator Ana.  Hna Morris and I had a great Plan of Salvation lesson planned.  We asked her if she had kept her commitment of praying and asking of Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  She said no, and that she felt weird praying. It was like the 3rd time she didnt follow through her commitment.  Right after I had the strongest feeling so just ask her to pray with us right then.  I asked her if she would, and explained that we were there if she needed help.  She gave the most heartfelt little prayer.  One of times that I have felt the spirit the strongest.  The investigators may not be real, but the spirit is still the same.  We are truly just tools for the spirit to work through.  All our job is, is to listen.        Welp, I still love the CCM! Learning more then I ever thought I could in 3 weeks.  Thank you all for your emails! You all rock. Have a fantastic week!    Love, Hermana Hansen
When is it ever a good idea to name a cracker this?

We have to learn this language??

                                           Pretty hardcore hermanas. We play to win. Siempre.

Seriously love this girl

My best little buddies

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