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AUGUST 17  2015

Hello Family and Friends!!
AHHHHH!!! Too much excitement, and too many things to tell you all.  This email is going to be way scattered but I shall try my best to get everything out! First of all, again, I seriously love you all. Thank you for all your prayers and support these two weeks. I have felt everyone of them. So thank you. 
Welp, I am currently serving in Tamburco, Albancay.  And Ill be real with everyone, theres a good chance I may never want to come home.  Sorry Mom. Albancay is so gorgeous!! I am surrounded by giant green mountains and blue skies.  Let me put a little more emphazis on the MOUNTAIN part.  The sector that I am working in mostly in the outskirts of Albancay.  So we do A LOT of walking.  And when I say we are walking up mountains to find these people, there is no stretching of the truth.  Its pretty close to a vertical hike up.  All the Hermanas say you will leave this area with legs of steal.  Darn right I better leave here with some rock hard legs! But we say, the higher up the mountain, the better the people.  Not always true, but it gives us motivation to keep walking.  These people are amazing.  I have literally never met a more humble people.  I have already fallen in love with them!  They are so grateful for every little thing.  
My trainer is Hna Cooper, from Rhode Island. She is so awesome! So patient, so kind, and soooo sassy. I love it.  I have so much to learn from her and Im way stoked for whats in store for us.
We live with our pensionista and her family, and few floors up.  They are so sweet. Their kids remind me of my little neices and nephews.  They are turning into my little home away from home.  
Soooo....for everyone that I talked to before my mission, knew that I was totally ready for a "shower with a bucket" kind of mission.  Well everyone, I am here to report that sometimes God gives you exactly what you ask for.  What is suuuuper scarce here, and since we live on the fourth floor, almost never.  So I have been learning the art of carrying up buckets of water, and showering out of a bucket!  Im starting to get the hang of it I think.  Lets just say there have been a few too many "Welcome to Peru" moments this week, and have made for some pretty funny moments with Hermana Cooper and I. 
But I LOVE IT!  This week Hermana Cooper and I had an awesome experince of following promptings.  We were walking back, not really sure what to do because almost all of our citas fell through.  We had the impression to go visit a lady, Maritza, who lives up in the mountain a little ways away.  It was saturday night, and we dont really like to go up that high in the country because they have a lot of parties on the weekend. But we really felt like we needed to visit her.  On our way there, we ran into a borracho in the road who starting yelling and coming towards us.  Hermana Cooper and I immediatly turned around to head back when a sweet little mom with her two kids came up to us.  She said "Dont you worry about him, you walk with me and he wont bother you."  Sure enough we walked past and he started coming towards us again.  And you better believe she totally picked up a rock and gave him a piece of her mind.  Like a total boss.  He didnt bother us after that.  Anywho we talked to her, and she was soooo receptive to our message. We have an appointment with her this week.  We now refer to her as "our angel."  All in all we were able to see Maritza, and her partner which never happens because he is usually gone for months at a time.  We had an amazing lesson with them about the Restoration, and they were so excited to learn more.  
Its only been a few days in the field, and I have already seen so many miracles.  
Also! Sunday I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting!  Yup that was a fun news to hear Sunday morning.  Quick shout out to the CCM for making us write talks, because it totally saved me.  
Well everyone, there were a lot of firsts this week. A lot of new and exciting experinces.  But I have loved every minute of it.  This is His work, and nothing will stop it from going forth.  I love you all, and I love being a missionary.  Hope you all have a fantastic week! Much Love from Albancay, 
Hermana Hansen

                                       HERMAN HANSEN                 HERMANN COOPER (MY M0M)

AUG 14 2015

A big HOLA to everyone!!

Phew! This was a week for sure!  We had a few Welcome to Peru moments.  I ran out of bug spray at the beginning of the week.  Note to self: never ever EVER run out of bug spray.  My ankles were swolen all week from all the bug bites.  So trying to get my shoes on was a little bit of a struggle...But I made it work! My companion and I both got sick this week, so we had a little bit of a slow week.  One night I took my pillow into the bathroom and spent the night in there reading, Our Search For Happiness,  while I lost everything that I had ever eaten ever...All a part of the expierence!  Also, Hermana Cooper got her ankle ran over by a car this week.  Shes all good, just got the back of out really skinned up...but yes all is well! When in Peru!

The work is going forth! It seems so at times, because our citas with our investigadores will be far and in between at times, but we are finding finding finding!  We found a young girl Natalie who is 17.  Its crazy, sometimes we will find people and I will think, God has prepared you for this moment! Shes way awesome, and is way stoked to learn more.  She shared some of her desires and goals for her life.  She talked about how badly she wants to just go out and serve people. Ummm heyyyy what about a mission! Its gunna happen.  

Sorry this one is a little short, I am spending some more time writing some of you amazing people!  Thank you all for you love and support!  It means the world to me.  I want you all to know how much I love what I do every day.  I came out on a mission because I wanted to take 18 months and give back to my Savior.  But I am realizing every day that I will never be able to repay him.  He blesses me more then I deserve every day.  I love you all, the church is true!
Love Hermana Hansen

homemade popsicles on a killer hot day in abancay! These people keep me
going with all the ffood they give me. They seriously just give you
whatever. Sooo incredibly selfless. But really that popsicle hit the spot.                                                

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