Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sept 28 2015 5 DAYS TO CONFERENCE !!!!! YAHOO

SEPT 28 2015
A Big HOLA to all of you!

Hooray! Its that time of year kids...GENERAL CONFERENCE!! Oh goodness I have never been so excited in my life. I really do not know why I didnt take advantage of Conference before the mission.  But now, we have a count down in our apartment and everything! Seriously such an amazing blessing to listen to the words of a living day prophet. What a beautiful time we are living in.  Last Saturday we were able to watch the Womens Conference! Someone once told me that if you have a question in your heart, it will be answered during conference.  How true that is.  This life was meant for happiness and joy.  And we find joy in our Savior.  

This week was a little rougher.  Rosa wasnt able to be baptized this weekend, due to her health.  So hopefully all will be well with her next month. She was sooooo bummed that she couldnt be baptized.  Literally broke my heart.  

This week was a week of patience.  And I have learned that when you ask Father in Heaven to help strengthen you in an aspect of you life, you better believe he is going to do so.  I have been praying and asking for an increase in patience. With myself, and the work in general.  And this week, it seemed like EVERYTHING was testing my patience.  But its true I really have learned so much.    This really is such a humbling expierence.  Everyday, I put on a plaque, representing our Savior Jesus Christ, the perfect missionary.  The beautiful thing is, that God doesnt call us and want us to be perfect.  Thats not possible.  We only have to be willing and submissive.  His missionaries arent perfect.  The members arent perfect.  But our message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is perfect.  So whenever I feel inadequate, or incomplete, I remember, "No, I am not perfect.  but the message I share is."   Remember that!  

We have some new Elders in our area, and a new mission leader was called last week.  All of them have a TON of animo, which is so awesome.  It makes me so excited for what we can accomplish in this change.  Tamburco has a ton of potential, it just needs to good leaders and some excitement! 

Anywho, I hope you ALL have the oportunity to watch General Conference this weekend! Provecho!  I love you all and thank you all for the loads of love and support to the little sister missionary in Abancay! It means the world! 
Con Amor,
Hermana Hansen

                                           we had a countdown....yeah we were a little excited

we made cookies for conference!! wahhooooo!! they were a little ghetto but
heck we are missioanries and the elders dont care haha they were just happy
there were cookies. its the little things.

i love this district so much. too many fun crazy people

My daily dose of mango.  The food here is seriously amazing and i love
                              that i can just eat fruit all the time.    (  for all
                              of you that know what that means. This is for you!

My Beautiful Abancay!

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